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Q.  What’s a transitional survivor?  

A.  Spouses and children are “transitional survivors” for the first three years after their active duty sponsor dies.  During this time, they’re covered as active duty family members and their health plan options and costs don’t change.

For more information, go to TRICARE’s Survivors of Active Duty Service Members page.
Note: After 3 years, coverage for children doesn’t change-they’re covered as active duty family members until they lose their TRICARE eligibility.

Contact Information
North Region Contractor (Health Net)
1-877-TRICARE (1-877-874-2273)
South Region Contractor (Humana Military)
West Region Contractor (UnitedHealthcare)
1-877-988-WEST (1-877-988-9378)
TRICARE Eurasia-Africa Regional Call Center
+44-20-8762-8384 (Commercial)
1-877-678-1207 (Toll-free from the U.S.)
TRICARE Latin America and Canada Regional Call Center
1-214-942-8393 (Commercial)
1-877-451-8659 (Toll-free from the U.S.)
TRICARE Pacific Regional Call Center
Singapore: +65-6339-2676;
Sidney: +61-2-9273-2710 (Commercial)
Singapore: 1-877-678-1208; Sidney: 1-877-678-1209 (Toll-free from the U.S.)

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