Headlines – September 26, 2018



Bolton: U.S. troops staying in Syria until Iran leaves –
The U.S. will keep a military presence in Syria until Iran withdraws its forces, a top Trump administration official said Sept. 24.
Mattis looks for ‘way ahead’ after China scraps military talks –
U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Sept. 24 he was seeking a way ahead for military ties with China after Beijing postponed military talks in protest at last week’s U.S. decision to impose sanctions over China’s purchase of Russian weaponry.


U.S. Air Force picks a winner for its Huey replacement helicopter contract –
In an upset, a Boeing-Leonardo team has won a $2.38 billion contract to manufacture a new batch of helicopters to replace the Air Force’s UH-1N Huey used to guard the service’s nuclear missile silos.
South Korean military to upgrade ‘friend or foe’ ID capability –
Thousands of South Korean jet fighters, helicopters, warships and missile systems will be fitted with sophisticated identifications technologies by the mid-2020s under a major weapons upgrade program, according to the military and defense companies.
Defense industry pushes back against new Pentagon rules –
The Pentagon is looking to get a tighter grip on how it pays large defense contractors, and has drawn up plans to cut up front costs while rewarding companies that hit their milestones on time. The defense industry, however, isn’t happy about it.
Belarus showcases Yastreb UAV –
The Belarusian aerospace industry is expanding its portfolio of strike-capable unmanned aerial vehicles, a source from the Belarusian Academy of Sciences’ Research and Manufacturing Center of Multipurpose Unmanned Aerial Systems told Jane’s.
SAMI looks to investment in South Africa –
Saudi Arabia is considering investing in the defense industries of South Africa, the chief executive of Saudi Arabian Military Industries confirmed during the African Aerospace and Defence exhibition.
Germany looking to sell costly, rarely used drone to Canada –
Germany is looking to sell a secondhand surveillance drone that has cost the country more than 700 million euros ($823 million) to Canada — without many core components it needs to fly.
GDMS-UK showcases Hotspot technology demonstrator –
General Dynamics Mission Systems-UK (GDMS-UK) presented its Hawk vehicle, a concept demonstrator of the company’s proposal for the United Kingdom’s Hotspot requirement, at the DVD2018 exhibition held at the UK Millbrook Proving Ground in September.
SAIC boss tackles Engility acquisition, space market and revenue goals –
News that SAIC would buy Engility was just the latest in a recent string of acquisitions among the professional services firms.
First series-production Pampa III makes maiden flight –
The first production-standard FAdeA IA-63 Pampa III advanced jet trainer aircraft made its first flight on 21 September. The aircraft, serial E-824, is the first of three such aircraft due to be delivered to the Argentine Air Force to augment its 18 older Pampa IIs.
Rafael to demo lighter active protection capability on Stryker in 2019 –
Israeli company Rafael will demonstrate its lighter active protection capability on a U.S. Army Stryker combat vehicle in the United States in early 2019, according to an industry source with knowledge of the activity.
Defense industry fighting DOD proposal to change performance payments –
The Pentagon’s proposed plan to lower the rate of progress and performance payments some companies receive on defense contracts is sending shockwaves through the industry and invited a backlash from three large trade associations.
AVIC’s AV500W VTOL UAV takes part in PLA exercise –
The Aviation Industry Corporation of China’s AV500W vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicle has been used in a military exercise with the People’s Liberation Army, according to a Sept. 21 report by the PLA-sponsored China Military Online website.


Pentagon examining land in Poland after offer of ‘Fort Trump’ base –
The Pentagon is in the early stages of examining land in Poland for a potential permanent U.S. military base, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Sept. 24.
With a big cash infusion, Congress is all-in on the amphibious Navy –
Congress sent a message this year that it wants the Navy to build amphibious ships, and it’s going to put up the money to do it.
Here’s how U.S. Army is fixing its M4 misfire problem –
The Army is now fixing a previously undiagnosed, unintended discharge problem that’s affecting some of its M4 carbines.
Navy, Air Force test deploys 2,000-pound mine at stand-off range –
A joint Navy and Air Force test successfully deployed a 2,000-pound shallow-water mine from altitude and at speed from outside a presumed enemy’s anti-aircraft range – a first for the U.S. military – during the recently completed Valiant Shield 2018 exercise.
USS Dwight D. Eisenhower repair period triples in length; Now the carrier will be in yard until 2019 –
Aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) will remain tied up in maintenance at Norfolk Naval Shipyard until early 2019, resulting in a maintenance availability about triple the expected six-month length.
U.S. Air Force wants adjustable bombs that can unleash a lot of hell — or just a little –
The service wants bombs with an adjustable explosive yield.
Air Force JTACs, fighters, drones and more head to Ukraine to train with allies on Russia’s western flank –
For the first time, the United States and eight other nations will join Ukraine in the country’s largest aviation exercise — dubbed Clear Sky 2018.
Unexplained images shows F-22 Raptor in Russian fighter’s sights –
The grainy picture, if it is real, leaves plenty of questions unanswered.


Advocates start work on what, and where, the Global War on Terror Memorial will be –
Michael Rodriguez doesn’t know what the national Global War on Terror memorial will look like, but he’s confident about where it should be.
Vets remember daring raid that liberated 500 POWs in the Philippines –
The story of a raid that freed prisoners at the Cabanatuan POW camp was retold to former service members and supporters who gathered there for POW/MIA Recognition Day.
Three deaths found in investigation of impaired pathologist –
A Veterans Affairs hospital official said Sept. 24 investigators have discovered 11 significant errors including three deaths in more than 30,000 cases originally seen by a fired Arkansas pathologist officials say was working while impaired.