February 5, 2016

Nellis to host first Nellis Adversary Tactics Workshop

Frederick Maxwell
547th Intelligence Squadron

NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. — The 547th Intelligence Squadron will be hosting the first Nellis Adversary Tactics Workshop the week of Feb. 16 to 19, 2016, in the 64th Aggressor Squadron’s facilities.
The 547th IS is the Air Combat Command Intel focal point for adversary tactics analysis for the U.S. Combat Air Forces.
The NATW will be a hybrid working group, combining the best elements of the former Nellis Air Tactics and Integrated Air Defense Systems Forums. This forum aims to re-establish and support dialogue among combat forces, the intelligence community, and our coalition partners. Simply put, it is about getting intelligence and knowledge to the folks who need it: the warfighter. The NATW will build on questions answered by regional tactics analysis teams and take a holistic view of the adversary employment threats in the European Command, Pacific Command, and Central Command areas of responsibility.
The more than 100 attendees to this highly anticipated workshop will be a select cadre of pilots, intelligence specialists and subject matter experts from around the country and world to include our coalition partners.
This event will be chaired by Richard Martinez, a seasoned chairman of numerous past Nellis Air Tactics Conferences and a subject matter expert on adversary airpower. The NATW is scheduled, by design, to be held between Red Flag 16-1 and Red Flag 16-2 to maximize participation from those units and individuals already on Nellis AFB.
The Nellis Adversary Tactics Workshop will be an annual event on Nellis AFB hosted by the 547th Intelligence Squadron.

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