February 19, 2016

Clergy Day: Nellis Chapel team’s got your back

Chap. (1st Lt.) David Jenkins
99th Air Base Wing Chaplain

NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. — Growing up I was one of the smaller guys in my neighborhood.
Being the runt in my school lent me to getting into fistfights and being bullied.
Fortunately, I had a powerful ally that always had my back. This person was my older sister Laura. She would stick up for me. Now, she wasn’t great with witty comebacks and her physical demeanor was anything but frightening.
No, her power laid in her ability to make friends and woo members of the opposite gender. All the guys in my neighborhood wanted to date my sister and she used this to her advantage. Thankfully, I was the happy recipient of my sister’s popularity and good looks. Her boyfriends would become my bodyguards. It was so cool! Bullies in the neighborhood would definitely think twice about messing with me.
Now, like my sister had my back so many years ago, the Nellis chapel team’s got your back.
Of course, we aren’t here to protect you physically; we will leave that to our defenders! Rather, we have your back when it comes to ensuring you are able to exercise your First Amendment right of freedom of religion. This is hugely important to us and it’s really the reason why an Air Force Chaplain Corps exists. Freedom of religion is one of our country’s highest freedoms and we want to make sure you are able to freely practice your faith in the Air Force. Moreover, chaplains and chaplain assistants will go to great lengths when it comes to helping Airmen practice their faith.
Presently, the Nellis chapel team is working on an event that will help us develop more religious contacts and resources.
This event is called “Clergy Day” and it will take place Feb. 23.
For Clergy Day we have 30 religious leaders in attendance from various faith backgrounds. All of these clergy members are from the Las Vegas area. Some attendees come from various Christian traditions while others are Muslim, Buddhist and Jewish.
By meeting with these various leaders we hope to develop a stronger relationship so that we can better serve the spiritual needs of Airmen. In addition to building contacts and resources, we hope to better equip these religious leaders when it comes to ministering to Airmen. Here’s where you can help: if you would like us to make sure we invite your religious community leader, please send me their contact information and the name of the faith community they lead. In the future we plan to have more Clergy Days and we would love for them to be a part of it.
We are having Clergy Day because we want to serve Airmen with excellence. We want to help them live out their faith. When a person joins the Air Force they don’t have to give up what they believe. If you need resources, contacts, or help living out your faith, then turn to the Nellis Chapel Team. We’ve got your back.

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