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April 22, 2016

Ask the Doc

99th Medical Group

Q. How do I add or delete my other health insurance information?

A. Go to the Other Health Insurance (OHI) forms page to download your regions’ or program’s other health insurance questionnaire, and send it to your contractor.

You must also report your other health insurance to:
TRICARE Pharmacy Program
Stateside and U.S. Territories: 1-877-363-1303

If you have TRICARE dental coverage and other dental coverage, you must report it to your dental contractor:
TRICARE Dental Program
Stateside and U.S. Territories: 1-855-638-8371
Overseas: 1-855-638-8372
TRICARE Retiree Dental Program
Delta Dental
Stateside and U.S. Territories: 1-888-838-8737
Overseas (AT&T USADirect Access Number): +1-866-721-8737

It’s important to keep your other health insurance information up-to-date. If TRICARE gets your claim before your other health insurance processes it, TRICARE denies your claim. If TRICARE paid first and then discovers you have other health insurance, TRICARE takes back any payments made and only reprocesses your claim after your other health insurance processes your claim.

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