Aerotech News Digital Edition – February 19, 2021

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Aerotech News Digital Edition - February 19, 2021

Hello everyone, and thanks for checking out the Feb. 19th edition of Aerotech News and Review! The Guardians have landed at Edwards AFB – not the Marvel Comic kind, but the real-life Guardians of the United States Space Force. 17 Airmen formerly assigned to the 412th Test Wing and other mission partners at Edwards transferred as Guardians to the USSF earlier this month. This is one of many transfer ceremonies that have taken place in recent weeks, and especially appropriate for Edwards, the Center of the Aerospace Testing Universe. Congratulations to our local Guardians, who will carry on Edwards’ historical links to the nation’s aerospace and space efforts. This is one of many stories we have lined up for you in your free online copy of Aerotech News, viewable on your desktop or mobile device.


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Here are some more highlights from this week’s edition:

  • Our Greatest Generation heroes are moving on: page 2
  • Burt Rutan amongst honorees during Hoover Trophy presentation: page 3 
  • 412th Test Wing announces 2020 Annual Award Winners: page 5
  • On This Date photo feature – John Glenn, Chuck Yeager and more: page 6
  • High Desert Hangar Stories – Hollywood strikes out with “X-15”: page 7
  • Plane Crazy returns with author Barbara Hunter Schultz: page 8

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