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Proof of minimum essential coverage for tax year 2015
• The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) will report your health care coverage to the IRS
• You will get IRS Form 1095 which documents minimum essential coverage for you and your family members
• You can opt to get the form electronically by using myPay.
• Click on the link “Turn On/Off Hard Copy of IRS Form 1095.”
• Select “Electronic Delivery Only.”
• If you don’t have a myPay account, you will get the form by mail.
• For more information, please call 1-888-332-7411 or visit DFAS Customer Service.

Visit the Internal Revenue Service for more information. You may qualify for an exemption to having minimum essential coverage.

Keep DEERS updated
You must keep your information updated in DEERS. Add the Social Security numbers (SSN) for all family members. This is how DFAS will report minimum essential coverage to the IRS.
To add a family member’s SSN in DEERS, you need to:
• Visit a Department of Defense ID card office
• Bring all necessary documentation
• Each family member’s eligibility record must be updated separately.

To register family members in DEERS, sponsors must:
• Complete a DD Form 1172
• Provide documentation (see below)
• If the sponsor is unavailable, family members can update DEERS with:
• A DD Form 1172 signed by their sponsor within 90 days, or
• A valid Power of Attorney

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