C2 summit; Roadmap to USAF future operating concept

U.S. Air Force photo by Lawrence Crespo

Gen. Hawk Carlisle Commander, Air Combat Command, addresses senior Air Force leaders and policy makers at the 2016 Command and Control Summit, “Roadmap to the Air Force Future Operating Concept,” in the Green Flag Auditorium, Jan. 12 at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev. The centerpiece of the second annual C2 Summit was the reinvigoration of Blue Flag with discussion used to formulate the future air component exercise structure. The discussion continued with an “organized” roadmap discussions on multi-domain operations centers in contested environments. Blue Flag is an ACC-sponsored exercise program that trains participants at the operational level of war. ACC provides overall management of the program, to include programming, funding, and scheduling. The 505th Combat Training Squadron is ACC’s agent for planning and executing the BF program. BF provides doctrinally-correct air, space, and cyberspace crisis action planning (CAP) and C2 training for joint/coalition air components and operational-level headquarters in a constructive environment.

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