Aerotech News Digital Edition December 18, 2020

Aerotech News and Review – Special Edition – High Desert Hangar Stories: The Best of Bob Alvis 2020. An AerotechNews.com Publication. – December 18, 2020

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Aerotech News Digital Edition - December 18, 2020

Happy Holidays, everyone, and welcome to the December 18th edition of Aerotech News and Review! Last issue of 2020 – WE MADE IT! And we are SO excited about this great issue we have for you to finish out the year. One of the blessings of 2020 (yes, I said “blessings” and “2020” in the same sentence) is that the slower pace gave us time to clean out our archives and compile a little collection of gems for our faithful readers – some of our favorite installments of Bob Alvis’ semi-monthly column, “High Desert Hangar Stories.” Speaking of blessings – Bob has blessed us since he walked into our office many moons ago, asking if we’d be interested in a regular history column. Our friendship with him has opened doors and sparked partnerships with other wonderful writers in our Aerospace Valley community, and led to the broadening of our editorial focus to include veteran interests and vintage aircraft.


Here’s just a little sample of BoB (Best of Bob) to get the party started:

  • Joe Walker – Aviation hero and family man: page 3
  • Michael Collins – the Lonely Rocket Man: page 4
  • The Major’s hat: page 6
  • Larry the Lawn Chair Pilot: Urban legend or true story?: page 9 (y’all are going to read this one first, I know it!)
  • The XB-70 Valkyrie – Seconds that last forever: page 11
  • Tailwheel: The mascot of War Eagle Field: page 12
  • The case for preserving WWII-era nose art: page 15
and MORE – culled from a list of 40 of our favorites. If you’d like to check out more, visit our website, www.aerotechnews.comm, and type High Desert Hangar Stories into the Search bar. Hard copies of this week’s special edition will be available beginning December 18th at our usual delivery points throughout the Antelope Valley. Pick one up when you’re out and about, or click on the link above and access a free digital copy. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page as well. As we say goodbye (and good riddance?) to 2020, as always, we THANK YOU for your support and readership– it’s our privilege to serve you! Have a safe and happy holiday season! #aerotechnews #eafbnews #explorethe661, #AerospaceValley


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