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Operation: Angel Ascendant

Posted December 9, 2016 by

Staff Sgt. Wayne Payne, Regimental Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, Regimental Support Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, provides suppressive fire from an over-watch position during an air assault mission at the National Training Center, Fort Irwin, Calif., Dec. 6, 2016. The Blackhorse Regiment partnered with the 2916th Aviation Battalion, 916th Support Brigade, to conduct the planning…

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Edwards EOD hosts realistic training for fellow bomb squad members

Posted November 17, 2017 by Kenji Thuloweit

It may not sound that attractive, but a lot of the 308,000 acres at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., resemble the same landscape deployed service members find in the Middle East and Southwest Asia.

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Army photograph by Dr. Jesse Sabatini

Environmentally-safe red glare rocket changes fireworks, Soldier technology

Posted January 26, 2018 by T'Jae Ellis

Army photograph by Dr. Jesse Sabatini U.S. and German researchers teamed to develop an environmentally-friendly red light flare. The formula is a lithium-based red-light-emitting pyrotechnic composition of high purity and color quality, and avoids a list of potentially toxic elements, namely strontium and chlorinated organic materials. Here, they captured a mid-burn image of the strontium-…

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Army photograph

Teamwork is key to preventing Soldier suicides, experts say

Posted September 9, 2016 by David Vergun

Staff Sgt. Miguel Sierra vividly recalls himself and his staff handling logistical matters in the aftermath of a sailor committing suicide.

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Army photograph by Spec. Andrew McNeil

Lighter, faster, smaller equipment needed for Soldiers to win, says Gen. Townsend

Posted March 12, 2018 by David Vergun

"Our troops need equipment that is more effective -- lighter, faster and smaller. That is going to be a theme of mine," said the commander of U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command.

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Army photograph by David Vergun

Soldiers’ situational awareness improved using micro-displays, augmented reality

Posted March 26, 2018 by David Vergun

Several new technologies are being developed that, once combined, will provide Soldiers an unprecedented overview of the battlefield.

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Health & Safety

Women can prolong their lives by taking these steps

Posted October 7, 2016 by J.D. Levite

Everyone — children and adults and men and women — should take charge of their own health to ensure they’re able to live a long and healthy life. One of the most important things women can do to maintain good health is schedule an annual Well Woman visit with their healthcare provider.  Well Woman exams…

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2016 Federal Benefits Open Season runs through Dec. 12

Posted December 2, 2016 by Kat Bailey

The Office of Personnel Management has set the dates for the 2016 Federal Benefits Open Season from Nov. 14 through Dec 12, which includes the Federal Employees Health Benefits program, the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance program and the Federal Flexible Spending Accounts program. Open season gives federal employees and retirees the opportunity to…

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Army photograph by Spec. Kyle Edwards

Improving Army readiness for the 21st century

Posted July 9, 2016 by Arpi Dilanian and Taiwo Akiwowo

When Lt. Gen. Robert T. Dail retired seven years ago, he was one of the most senior military logisticians in the Department of Defense.

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Army photograph by Glenn Fawcett

Army offering 2-year enlistments for 91 MOSs

Posted March 27, 2017 by David Vergun

Army photograph by Glenn Fawcett Army recruits in basic training deliver a call shortly after running an obstacle course on Fort Benning, Ga., May 4, 2012. The Army is allowing two-year enlistments for select military occupational specialties. The Army now has two-year enlistment options for 91 military occupational specialties as a new incentive to offer…

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