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Photograph courtesy of Bionic Power Inc. Army

Self-generated power could reduce Soldiers’ load

Today's war fighters may one day find themselves knee-deep in power.

Army photograph by Staff Sgt. Chuck Burden Army

Army leaders show support for group that comforts, guides survivors

When Amy Moore saw her husband's commanding general and a chaplain getting out of a vehicle parked in front of her home, she expected the worst.

Army graphic Army

With new how-to-train manual, Army aims to improve readiness

The Army recently introduced a new version of its premier training manual to help leaders from sergeants to generals improve their unit's readiness.

Army photograph by Blake Mitchell Army

Army patents new blast debris protective harness

Engineers and designers at the Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center have patented a new design for a harness that protects its wearer from blast debris.

Army graphic Health & Safety

Here are the details on the new combat tourniquet

Makers of the Combat Application Tourniquet™ have updated the design of the widely used tourniquet. The update has resulted in two different versions of the tourniquet currently in use in the field.

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Fort Irwin public affairs photo by Leslie Ozawa.

Good weather breaking out the bicycles on Fort Irwin

Posted  October 7, 2016

Now that the weather has turned markedly cooler, more Fort Irwin bicyclists have their wheels down on the paved roads and trails around Fort Irwin and beyond. Keeping the bikes rolling is a big job at Fort Irwin Outdoor Recreation on Goldstone Road, just past the new water treatment plant.    “We get all kinds…

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Weed Army Community Hospital rolls out new DoD-wide outpatient survey system

Posted  October 7, 2016

Patients at Weed Army Community Hospital are now reporting their experiences and satisfaction with their healthcare in a new survey. This outpatient survey program, launched by the Army in June, is called the Joint Outpatient Experience Survey, or JOES. This survey is standardized across all services, and will enable the Department of Health Affairs to…

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Health & Safety

WACH Pharmacy offers Self-Care Medications

Posted  October 7, 2016

Feeling achy, sniffly or sneezy? You could purchase cold or pain medications over-the-counter from the exchange, commissary or a local retail store… but did you know, you can also visit your local Army Medicine Pharmacy and pick up these items at no cost to you, without an appointment to see your provider? Weed Army Community…

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Photo Credit: Trisha Dennis

NTC Remembers 9/11

Posted  October 7, 2016

Fort Irwin, CALIF — The Fort Irwin Community gathered together on September 12th to remember the terror attacks that took place on September 11, 2001, and honor those who fell that day and in the 15 years of combat that resulted from those attacks. National Training Center and Fort Irwin leadership, Soldiers and the community…

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One year anniversary of community support

Posted  October 7, 2016

It’s been one year since Kaleidoscope opened here and they continue to give back to the community by offering a place where Soldiers, Families and civilians can sell their handmade crafts, spices and Fort Irwin centric items to the population. “We’re everybody’s small business, a place for the home crafter to sell their items, for…

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