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Lab tests armored vehicles with auto industry ‘dummies’

In an unassuming warehouse on Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., sit nearly 50 men in uniform, waiting for their mission during an upcoming test event. They're sporting Army Combat Uniforms, standard-issue boots, a crane hook protruding from their heads, and a plethora of color-coded wires spilling out the back of their necks.

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After 75 years, more opportunities for enlisted to become officers

A recent change in eligibility now allows enlisted personnel up to age 33 to apply to become officers. Also, there's no longer a requirement to serve in the Army for six years before going to Officer Candidate School.

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Balancing family and mission: Soldiers discuss becoming a father while deployed

It's a tale as old as time: soldiers bidding farewell to their families to serve in a faraway land.

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Soldiers tackle the ‘hard part’ of war: logistics

As the U.S. and its allies were preparing for war with Iraq in November of 1990, Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Ernest T. Cook Jr. observed, "Logistics is the hard part of fighting a war."

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Improving Army readiness for the 21st century

When Lt. Gen. Robert T. Dail retired seven years ago, he was one of the most senior military logisticians in the Department of Defense.

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Civil affairs teams sharpen skills during NTC rotation

NTC rotation introduces conventional warfare to civil affairs teams

Posted  March 4, 2016

FORT IRWIN, Calif. – Surrounded by sand and rocks protruding out of the ground like thorns, two civil affairs Soldiers prepare for a key leader engagement (KLE) mission. As the Soldiers approach an abandoned building, a four-man security squad emerges out of a dark corner to greet them. As the group moves out, an observe…

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Photo by Jason Miller, Public Affairs Office

MEDEVAC drill prepares crews for crises

Posted  February 5, 2016

United States Army Soldiers with C Company, 2916th Aviation Battalion, 916th Sustainment Brigade, initiated a downed aircraft MEDEVAC exercise along with firefighters from the Fort Irwin Fire Department just outside the training village of Razish, Jan. 13. Fort Irwin Air Traffic Controllers received a mayday transmission from a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter, carrying four crewmembers, just…

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Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by sharing his message

Posted  February 5, 2016

Soldiers, leadership and members of the Fort Irwin community attended a ceremony celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day at Sandy Basin Community Center here, Jan. 6. This year’s theme for the commemoration was “Remember! Celebrate! Act! A Day On, Not a Day Off!” The federal holiday, Jan. 18, marks the birthday of the civil rights…

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Photo by Gustavo Bahena, Public Affairs Office

‘Flying Tigers’ to receive world-class facility

Posted  February 5, 2016

The National Training Center and Fort Irwin conducted a ground breaking ceremony for a facility that will support a unit that operates Army unmanned aircraft systems, Jan. 12. The complex will provide a headquarters for B Company, 229th Aviation Regiment, and house a fleet of 12 MQ-1C Gray Eagle unmanned aircraft. The unit known as…

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U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center image

Arrive safe by mitigating risks when driving

Posted  February 5, 2016

Consider these factors before you get behind the wheel to mitigate risk and arrive safe at your destination: Environment: The Scripps Howard News Service has compiled a list of the most dangerous roads in the country. You may be surprised to know that almost half of them are located near Fort Irwin. These dangerous highways…

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